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Welcome To Nanna Fridays


We believe wholeheartedly that being treated with dignity and respect is a given human right and should not be an optional extra.

Nanna Fridays is a home care assistance company to support the elderly in and around the Wokingham area. Our services offer a be-friending service for the elderly which could also include, shopping trips, doctors visits, banking, assistance with form filling in, basically anything that is not medically related to keep the elderly living a fulfilling, sociable life whilst still giving the independence to live in their own homes for as long as possible. The key to Nanna Fridays ethos, is continuity, a member of our team will build up a strong, trusting relationship with our clients, and we'll make sure that that team member is the one to visit every time.

We provide care, support and companionship that you can totally trust - with flexible timings to suit your needs. By conducting a detailed personal assessment we are confident we understand our clients' needs and can tailor our Team member and service accordingly. For each of our Clients, we will visit them in their own homes to establish their requirements and will tailor them around their needs. We do appreciate that these needs will be continually changing and will ensure that these are catered for regularly.

Unlike a care home, the provision of care in the home enables a long-term relationship to develop where one-to-one support is available. The relationship of trust, the degree of personalization and the continuity of care exceeds anything even the very best residential alternative can offer.

Each Team member is carefully matched to the client, both in terms of their care needs and lifestyle. We guarantee continuity of care, through retaining the very best Team members.

We often support couples with different needs, enabling them to return to being loving partners rather than one being forced into the physically demanding role of carer.

Why choose Nanna Fridays?

  • We provide care, support and companionship that you can totally trust
  • Flexible visits can be arranged to suit clients' needs
  • We conduct detailed personal assessments to outline clients' specific needs
  • We will adapt our services to meet the changing needs of each client
  • Each client can get the one-to-one support they need
  • Each team member is carefully matched to the client
  • We guarantee continuity of elderly home care
  • We often support couples whose needs differ


Please contact care on call to discuss your individual in-home care
needs on a no-obligation basis.

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